Consultation Platform

We give you a complete Consultation Platform, with customized Topics and the ability to have memberships or not for the perticipants.


It is up to you to decide if you need users to register or not in order to join the discussion. Registration is easy with Social Network Login.


Comment author can choose to get notified upon reply or on any new comment on the topic he participates in.


Allow users to vote on comments and then let them sort based on popularity.

Live Updates

Give to your consultation service a real-time feel by loading new comments and replies in real time.

Suitable for

Customized Topic Page

The Topic page is customized based on your needs

Whether your topic that needs consultation is a small proposal or a complete document with attached files and images, we build the tamplete for your needs.

Mobile Friendly

Let users engage from anywhere

Organizations must give their users the ability to join the consultation from any device.

100% Open Source Foundation

Based on WordPress, the top platform for any web project, used by more than 30% of the websites and apps online.

Secure and Anti-Spam features

Put restrictions on commenting for fighting spam Allow or disable comment editing. Give the users ability to report other comments.


Being GDPR-Ready, gives you peace of mind on user data handlind (export and anonymization).


Entrepreneurship Observatory

Fighting Bureaucracy

Greek public domain is still dominated by bureaucracy for the Greek entrepreneurs. We partnered with EINKAM (EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES) to create a consultation platform where Greek Entrepreneurs can share their stories and discuss. The website features all the functionality mentioned in this page.

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